Children's Entertainers for Kid's Parties in London

After many years in the entertainment industry, we at Tygerland parties know how hard it can be, especially in London, to find a children's entertainer that has the energy and experience to bring your child's party to life. Whether your child is 3 or 13, boy or girl, we are confident that we have an entertainer that will make your party go with a bang!

In the past, clowns were that de-facto standard for entertainment at a kid's party, and whilst they are still massively popular, there are now dozens of alternatives whatever the event. For example, you might decide that a kid's disco is the way to go, and this is something that we have provided to many proud parents over the years. The kid's disco is especially popular at the slightly older children's birthday parties because what can be cooler than having your own loud music and a private DJ taking requests and playing the hits of your favourite bands? Whether it is Beyoncé or One Direction, our kid's DJs have an enormous selection of music on hand, ready to please all pop music lovers. We plan a vast amount of special themed parties that will really cater to your specific needs. Perhaps your little boy dreams about being a superhero or a pirate? Then why not have a Superman, Spiderman, Batman or Iron Man themed party where your entertainer will arrive in character as your child's favourite fictional character and lead the way in party-time fun and mayhem?

Tygerland Cowboy Themed Party

Another popular themed party is the "Howdy Partner" cowboy birthday party, complete with wild-west inspired costumes and prizes, it is sure to be different to any other children's party that you've seen or heard about (think of a crazy, outgoing, really, really loud Woody from Toy Story).

If you absolutely want to make sure that your child's birthday party runs completely smoothly, without a snag, then speak to Tygerland about their children's party planning service. You have a quick chat with us about what the event is, the age of the children that you're expecting to attend, and any hobbies, interests or activities that your child is particularly fond of and leave the rest to us. We will draw up a list of possible parties and suitable activities in and around London and you can then just shortlist the one's that you're interested in and we will cost it for you. For example, just recently, one parent contacted us and told us how much their daughter loved the X-factor talent show and wondered if we could put a birthday party together for her and her school friends that encompassed both an X-factor style talent show and also high school musical. We were able to provide 2 entertainers (one karaoke host type singer and one head judge) and put together a mock talent show. The guests at the party were encouraged to play the part of the other two judges and were free to sing some high school musical numbers too if they wished. As you can imagine, this was a totally bespoke and unique birthday party experience that was a tremendous success and the talk of all the birthday girl's friends for days to come.

Balloon Animal

We've provided a number of children's entertainers around the London area to families who are holding a single party for 2 of their children of different ages. As you can imagine, this can prove tricky if not properly planned because if one child is 4 for example, and the other 7, it may mean that there are children of between the ages of 3 and 10 present as guests at the same party. In cases like these, we often recommend that there are 2 or 3 different entertainers present, with different skill sets to keep the different age groups entertained at all time. You may for instance decide to have a face painter at the party for the benefit of the younger children, alongside a balloon modeller for the slightly older children and then possibly a magician putting on a magic children's party show for the much older children. While this might sound a little bit chaotic, it is something that can work really well and the different entertainers tend to complement each other and it gives a real sense of a fun carnival-like atmosphere either in your own home or whichever London party venue you have decided to hire.

In addition to children's party entertainers, we are also able to supply more specialised acts for the likes of corporate functions and even weddings. We all know that bored kids can become frustrated and start playing up, and this is why at your important corporate event or wedding, you need to make sure that there's something that will keep any children occupied and interested. A particular favourite entertainer for these events is the Caricature Artist who will draw instantly recognizable images of celebrities, politicians and even other guests at the function. We can even put together a party package consisting of a jugular, a face painter, a mascot and a magician. Of course, this would only be appropriate for a relatively large event and even then we would normally recommend spreading the entertainers out through the course of the day or nights so that the children don't become overwhelmed or over-excited.

For parties where there are more than 20 to 30 children present, we like to suggest that we also supply what we call an Assistant Children's Entertainer. This isn't as expensive as having two entertainers but can be really useful to have to make sure that no child is feeling left out and also provides the opportunity for the main entertainer to change the mood of the party. There are always a few kids who are either boisterous and need to be brought back down and a few kids who are shy that need to be brought into the party atmosphere. Everything that we've described here is something that can be provided by Tygerland Kid's Parties but that's not to say that anything is set in stone. If you want to tweak any of the services that we offer, or even to create a completely bespoke and unique party in London for your child, then we urge you to pick up the phone and let us know your thoughts. We are always looking for new ideas and new angles when it comes to entertaining children and providing the best parties on the planet, if you have a suggestion or request then just let us know. We might end up even incorporating it into our future standard party packages!

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